The particular characteristics of the INVENTAMI board enable developers that integrate it into their designs, to create ad-hoc solutions of high complexity and high performance. Below we will explain one of the first applications that Sanitas EG worked with, integrating the SBC in a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), a quadcopter.

The project, called SINOPIAE, was promoted in a 2013 competition announcement by the Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Education in partnership with CGS (General Space Company), AERMATICA, CNR-IREA, the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing, TerrAria LTD and two universities, the Milan Polytechnic and State University (Milan Bicocca). Among the main aims of the project was to create a prototype system for the monitoring of the thermal dispersion of buildings, as well as the concentration of atmospheric elements on surfaces in urban and non urban areas.

INVENTAMI proved to be the most appropriate tool, thanks to its size and low power consumption and its computational power, in capturing and pre-processing the data needed to conduct the analysis of heat loss from buildings and collect and correlate information from various sensors. For this reasons it was integrated to the quadcopter with the function to synchronously operate two video sensors, one in the visible spectrum and one in the infrared, also allowing the acquisition and the management of environmental information such as its location (GPS) and positioning (gyroscope), the acceleration, the temperature and  pressure.



Marcello Mancini, co-founder of Sanitas EG explains in detail the main features of the capabilities of this integration.

What are the main features that allowed INVENTAMI to integrate in the quadcopter?

INVENTAMI’s board has been assigned with the capture functionality as well as a pre-processing and data management functionality from a pair of video sensors and from peripheral sensors for the management of environmental information, such as positioning, acceleration and temperature.
This data stream, run entirely by INVENTAMI was compressed and saved on FLASH support by making the information available for an online or offline processing.
The interfacing channel to the control system (Main Board) of the UAV is a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Which of the INVENTAMI functions have been essential for the development of this project?

The main feature is to manage the synchronous video capture between the images of the two sensors, one in the visible spectrum and one in the heat spectrum, and synchronized with the environmental data.
This data stream is generated from different sensors and each has its own acquisition interface with different characteristics and timing. The management of this data stream through INVENTAMI allowed to ensure the synchronization and consistency of all the information of the various sensors, with a high degree of accuracy.

Today the use of drones covers several sectors. What are the next developments in this area?

It is difficult to predict what may be the next application, however it surely is a booming industry that offers many possibilities. Whatever the next applications may be there will be a more and more pressing need to have on-board computing power and ability to integrate non homogeneous information and for this INVENTAMI is postitioned as the ideal solution. Furthermore the future developments will aim to make INVENTAMI the computer platform that integrates the control and flight management functions.
Surely the INVENTAMI board has made a fundamental contribution to the development and creation of SINOPIE proving to be a very versatile SBC.
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